About Angelheaded Hipster

My name is C.J. MinsterCheng. CJ_Headshot.jpgI'm the Senior Product Writer at NationBuilder

I am applying to rabbinical school at the Academy for Jewish Religion, California. It will take me at least five years to complete the program (probably longer given my other commitments). If anything about this site inspires you, please donate to support my education.

This site is about bring spirituality into modern life. As I deepen my understanding of the human condition, I plan to comment on my reading and conversations here. I hope to develop a community of like-minded seekers of eudaimonia.

I have been a student of Rabbi Finley at Ohr HaTorah since 2007 and it was there that I heard the call to pursue this knowledge. Specifically, I want to make people aware of the deeply spiritual, mystical, and rational path available within Judaism.

I grew up in Conservative Judaism and spent time claiming to only be ethnically Jewish. As the mother of Chinese Jews, I have learned to question the assertion of an identifiable, single Jewish ethnicity.

The name and tagline of this site are quotes from Allen Ginsberg's poem Howl

On Social Upheaval I discuss society and politics.

On Twitter, I am most active @SocialUpheaval, though I plan to use @AngelHipster as a sister feed to this site.

For pictures (mostly of my kids), see AngelHipster on Instagram and random things at Social Upheaval on Pinterest

The picture on this page is three years old, from when I announced I was pregnant with my eldest son. Everything about me has changed except my glasses. Eventually, it will be replaced.

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