I am broken

It is easy to respond to the U.S. introductory question "How are you?" with "I'm fine" or "I'm good." From now on, I'm going to reply, "I'm broken."

I've always been broken and my work has always been to repair myself. Now that my eyes are clear and I can see the misogyny and bigotry that pervade many parts of this country, I realize it is my duty to be public with my brokenness. You cannot fix me. I do not tell you my status because I expect something from you. My depths are shattered and it is my obligation to lean into my brokenness, to learn from the darkness, and bend it toward the light. 

Our collective obligation is to challenge injustice, to defend our brothers and sisters.

Islam and Muslims are not the enemy.

Black, brown, and yellow people are not the enemy.

Jews and other non-Christians are not the enemy.

Fear and hatred is the enemy. 

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