About Angelheaded Hipster

When I was younger, I maintained two blogs. One was about politics. This one was about everything else. I have a really wide range of cultural interests, high brow to low brow. I'm insatiably curious about everything. I own more books than I have lifetimes to read them.

For five years, I worked at NationBuilder, during the early days of the company. This page was originally published in 2012, soon after I joined the company. I don't have any plans to bring this website back to life. 

This site was intended to bring spirituality into modern life. As I deepen my understanding of the human condition, I plan to comment on my reading and conversations here. I hope to develop a community of like-minded seekers of eudaimonia.

The name and tagline of this site are quotes from Allen Ginsberg's poem Howl.  

The picture on this page is old, from when I announced I was pregnant with my eldest son. Everything about me has changed including my glasses. 

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